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Where do I find the Muscle Meter Instruction Manual and how to use it?

You can access the Muscle Meter Instructional Manual in our Measurz Training Portal here. Sign Up Here to access the manual. If you have already signed up you can log in here.

Read on to learn more about the Muscle Meter, as well as some of our tips & tricks on how to use the Muscle Meter in the video below

Here is some information on the Muscle Meter below:


Your Muscle Meter works in two testing modes - peak power and live modes.

When your Muscle Meter powers on, it defaults to the last testing mode it was used on.

The peak power mode is preferred for using the device without the Measurz app. If using the Measurz app, we recommend using the live mode.

To switch modes, long press the 'unit' button. When you do this you will see either P_P (peak power) or P_L (live mode) appear on the screen.

Muscle Meter Buttons

Short push: to change between measuring units. Please ensure you have the same unit displayed as used in your Measurz app.
Long Push (3 seconds): switch operating modes. P_P= peak power mode - used without the Measurz app | P_L= live mode - used with the Measurz app

ON/OFF: Self-explanatory.

Short push: Calibrate or re-zero to ensure accurate testing results.
Long Push: switch to lock mode, which will hold the peak number if held for 3 seconds. We recommend having this function turned off.

Muscle Meter Anchor Strap & Puller Strap/Handle
BLUE=BLUE & BLACK REPLACES BLACK - Place the blue anchor strap on the blue end of the device and the black puller strap on the metal end after removing the Pusher Cap.

The black carabiners on the anchor strap and the puller handle/strap may be stiff initially. Simply apply overpressure upon opening them up the first time and they will then fit on perfectly.

Charging + Battery Use

Your Muscle Meter has two power sources - an in-built rechargeable lithium battery and the ability to insert 3x AAA batteries.

Please only use the included micro USB charger and insert only brand-new AAA batteries with your Muscle Meter.

WARNING: Compatible with a 5V max charger. Damage may occur if unsuitable charger is used.

When the battery power is low, the display will read L0 indicating the need to replace or recharge batteries.

Remove AAA batteries for long-term storage.

Safety Tips

The Muscle Meter is rated to 300kg. If it is exceeded it will display O_LD. Permanent damage can occur with overloading.

Before using the Muscle Meter, it is always recommended to inspect your device and any accessories prior to use. Do not use it if you have any doubts or if damage has occurred.

Pusher Cap

The Pusher Cap is rated to 75kg.

Prior to use it is recommended to check it thoroughly for any signs of damage. Also ensure that it is firmly connected to the Muscle Meter.

Puller Pack

The Puller Pack is rated to 100kg.

Prior to use it is recommended to check it thoroughly for any signs of damage. Also, ensure that both attachments are firmly connected to the Muscle Meter.


The Gripper is rated to 80kg.

Prior to use it is recommended to check it thoroughly for any signs of damage. Also, ensure that both attachments are firmly connected to the Muscle Meter and that all bolts are firmly fastened.

General Safety Tips

DO NOT exceed device specifications
DO NOT use other charging cables
DO NOT modify the Muscle Meter in any way
Follow the guidelines for use in this training portal

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Technical Specs


🎯 ACCURACY: +/- 1%



⚡️ BATTERY: 400mA Lithium Battery or 3xAAA Batteries (backup)

🔋 BATTERY LIFE: 10+ Hours (charge monthly with normal use)

🧲️ CHAGER: Micro USB (included)

🔩 FUNCTION: Push & Pull


⚖️ WEIGHT: 180g

📐 DIMENSIONS: 135mm x 75mm x 38mm

👌 WARRANTY: 12 months

Warranty Information


Updated on: 20/06/2024

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