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How do I find or change my Measurz password?

**Please note: password can only be changed and reset via the mobile app.**

Do you know your Measurz password?

If so, simply follow the steps below to change your password:
1 - push the hamburger menu button in the top left hand corner of the Measurz home screen
2 - push the setting button in the menu
3 - select change password
4 - enter your current password and your new password twice
5 - push update password

Don't know your Measurz password?

1 - If you are not already, log out of Measurz to return to the login screen
2 - On the log in screen push the forgot password button
3 - Enter your Measurz log in email.\ and hit submit
4 - Go to your email inbox (best on a seperate) desktop device if available) to retrieve a OTP code that will be sent to your email (this can take 1-2 minutes to arrive)
5 - Return to the Measurz app and enter your OTP code in the box.
6 - Create a new password (we highly recommend using strong password generator for security)

Updated on: 31/07/2023

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